Ways to submit assignments via Google classroom

Are you bordered on how to submit those assignments your teacher(s) gave to you online? See these methodologies that can be of great help to you.

Sometimes after the online teaching and learning via Google classroom and others, the teacher may wish to give an assignment. Assignments are given to learners to ascertain the level at which they understood what was taught.

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The way we submit live assignments is different from the way it is done online via Google classroom. In a normal way, we hand over assignments to teachers by seeing them face to face or via any other means. But due to the global pandemic, it is now necessary to submit assignments online.

Now you have finished the assignment and you want to submit it but you don’t know how. Don’t worry, I will show you the simple way(s) you can submit your answer via Google classroom.

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Methods to submit your assignment via Google classroom

Method 1 (submitting assignment as an attachment)

Submitting an assignment as an attachment, simply means that you will need a different application or software to do your assignment before submitting it via Google classroom. See steps below.

  • login to your Google classroom application or login here
  • Open the subject
  • Tap “New assignment”
  • scroll up and tap “add attachment”
  • select the document you typed using ms word or WPS or notepad.
  • Tap hand in
How to submit your assignment online via Google classroom

Congratulations, you just successfully submitted your assignment.

Method 2 (Submitting assignment as a private message)

To submit an assignment via private message in Google classroom, is done via the online platform (Google classroom application). See steps below

  • login to your Google classroom application or login here
  • Open the subject or class
  • Tap New assignment
  • Scroll up to see “add private comment”.
  • Write your assignment
  • Click the send button (triangle icon facing right).

Boom you just submitted your assignment.

Method 3 (submittinssg assignment using email)

In this method, you will need the email address of your teacher.

Please note: The teacher reserves all the rights to decide how his/her assignments should be submitted. Therefore ensure you get this information before submitting your assignment.

Little tip, it will be great I recommend you try having applications or softwares you can use for typing to enable you excel well via online classes.

Hope this article was helpful?

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