How to join in Google classroom as student

Are you a student and still do not know how to join the online Google classroom? You are in the right place.

How to join a Google classroom as a student

Google classroom is an online platform where students and teachers meet. The essence of this platform is to bring teachers and learners close in a difficult situation like the ongoing lockdown.

The classroom is a product of Google and as we all know, Google has played immense role in the world economy.

Due to the conorovirus outbreak, teachers and students are bared from meeting in the usual face-to-face interactive section. In other to remedy this problem, the introduction of online classes becomes inevitable. This is to uphold the level of education in the society.

Due to the fact that some students are new to online tutorials, I have made this article to easily enable students join the class.

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Before you continue, it is important you understand that each class has a unique code which is made available by the teacher to the students. It is therefore important you get this code so that you can join the expected class.

Simple steps on how to join a Google classroom

Before joining a class, you must first of all Download GOOGLE CLASSROOM from play store, or sign up here for free using your search engine Register with your active email and create a password (if required). Join the class as students. (to do this check the steps below)

  2. Click the ➕ sign at the top-right corner of the page
  3. Click Join Class.
  4. Type or enter the Class Code given to you by your lecturer.

Boom you are in……

NB: If you wrongly add a code, the you will get this message “class code not found. Please check the code and try again”. But when it is correct,you will taken straight to the class.

See see screenshot below

How to join a Google classroom as a student

happy e-learning….

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