How to create a class in Google classroom

Are you a teacher and you want to reach out to your students outside the normal class room environment? Are you also a teacher who wants to get in touch with his students who are living in different parts of the world? Now the best way to bring all of them to a particular place is to create an online classroom.

Google classroom is a great platform to enable teachers and students to meet irrespective of their location in any part of the world.

For you to be in touch with your scattered students and bring them together is by creating a Google classroom.

How to create a class in google classroom

Creating a Google classroom is very simple. I will advise you pick up your paper and pen to write down the steps I will list below.

  • Download Google classroom application (If you already have the application skip to the next step).
  • Launch the application.
  • Sign in with your Gmail account. Tap the (+) button at the right top of your phone.
  • Select create class
  • Check the box at the left hand side to agree to the terms and conditions and select continue.
  • Enter the details of your class.
  • Tap create at the right hand side of your device.

And that is it. You just created your new class in Google classroom application. If you want to create more classes, just repeat the above steps as many times as you want.

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Now you have created your Google classroom, it’s time to invite your students to join.

How to add students in your Google classroom

  1. Launch the Google classroom application or sign in here.
  2. Under “General” copy correctly the letters after CLASS CODE.
  3. Send it to your students to join

That was simple right?

How to create a class in Google classroom

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