How to actively participate in online classes

Are you finding it difficult to cope up with the online lectures/classes, follow this simple steps.

I know that so many students are finding it difficult to get used to the online tutorials/lectures. This is because we students are not used to online lectures. We are only used to live interaction with our tutors.

Unarguably, this online tutorials is really becoming a very big challenge which is facing our institutions today.

Due to the global pandemic which is ravaging our world, the authorities has mandated the use of online platforms to continue academic activities till further notice.

Some problems students are facing

  • Some students lack the appropriate gadget(s) like smartphones, laptops or computers etc.
  • Lack of willingness from parents to support their children at home.
  • Lack of financial strength to even buy data for the internet.
  • Electrical problems in some rural areas. This can make the student’s phone off over a long period of time.
  • No network services in areas some students find themselves.
  • More interest on farming.

These among others are problems facing students both in the rural and the urban areas as it matters to sit at home and take your online lectures.

Understanding these challenges, it is also important we discussed how to prepare for your online lectures/tutorials.

How to actively participate in online classes/lectures
  1. mount pressure to online lectures the same way you did when you are live with your lecturer. That is to say, take online lectures serious the same may you would for live tutorials.
  2. Keep free or reduce your activeness on social medias. By so doing, it will help you save battery life, and focused.
  3. Draft a timetable of all your classes and when they are to hold.
  4. Call your tutor/lecturers to remind them of the time for each class.
  5. Read as many book as possible as recommended by your tutor or lecturer.
  6. Remember to do your assignment as assigned to you by your tutor or lecturer.
  7. It is important you develop a good interpersonal relationship with your online tutor. That is to say, you must know the name and face of your lecturer (s).
  8. Have a good understanding of how online tutorials works.
  9. Make sure you are used to your timetable and the time each class will start.
  10. More importantly, you must have a notebook for your online classes. Make sure you copy the note your tutor had sent you.
  11. Finally, always follow the positive rules your tutor establishes because it will be a great help to you.

In summary, I understand how problematic it will be for all of us. It is not the fault of our educational system or the government that has asked us to stay at home. All of these is done for our own safety.

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