VIDEO: 21 year old nearly killed his twin

It happened at Mbaise, Imo state were a boy attempts to murder his twin brother with rat poison.

VIDEO: 21 year old nearly killed his twin

A 21 year old boy identified as Onyeishi nearly murdered his twin brother Chikemdi. The two boys were twins and had a younger sister.

The incident took place in Ogbo Uvuru Mbaise Imo state. The villagers gathered at the sound of Chikemdi who escaped death from his twin brother.

See video below

It all happened on Tuesday evening when Chikemdi entered the to carry the rice left for him. He noticed the stew for the rice had a different colour and smells differently. He called the attention of Onyeishi to know why the good seem so different. Onyeishi denied he had no idea. Chikemdi’s voice drew the attention of the villagers. They forced Onyeishi to speak up after series of beating. He finally gave in that he planned murdering his twin brother for ritual purpose.

The boy who is picking him up from the ground in the video is the same Chikemdi he tried killing.As at this time, Onyeishi is still at the police station.

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