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TRENDING: Chief Imo helps the needy during lockdown

Chief Imo surprises members of his community as he extends palliatives to the needy during lockdown

Chief Imo and palliatives

Longinus A. Anokuwute popularly known as Chief Imo has surprised his community as he shares palliatives.

Chief Imo is a Nollywood actor and a comedian. He is well known for his short skits and movies.

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The veteran comedian took upon himself and some of his crew workers to go round his community to distribute palliatives to people that might have little or nothing.

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He has also prayed well meaning citizens to support his Foundation “CHIEF IMO FOUNDATION” so that they can accomplish this great task.

People are busy making money and squandering it but he wished to help as many as possible. He believes that through their support, he made it thus far.

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People from Umuduru Ekwe (his hometown) in Isu LGA of Imo state are already receiving these blessings coupled with nearby communities.

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Chief Imo and palliatives
Chief Imo and palliatives
Chief Imo and palliatives

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