COVID-19: can the devil save you- Femi Dani kayode

The former Minister has blasted Bill gate over saving Africans and calling him a devil

COVID-19: can the devil save you? Femi Fani kayode

Femi Fani Kayode, a one time minister during the administration of president Goodluck Jonathan blasts Bill Gate. He said someone who wants the world’s population to reduce can never save anybody.

In his Twitter handle Kayode said

“Think! Think! Think! The same person who wants the world’s population to reduce by 10-15% is giving you vaccine to save you?”

Bill Gate, the one time world’s richest man created a vaccine called the ID 2020 which he said will be a solution to solving the problems of COVID-19. The ID 2020 is a vaccine which when injected into the body will make one become a human-robot.

Meanwhile, ever since the declaration of saving the world from the global pandemic by Bill Gate, many did not welcome his idea of ID 2020.

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