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Woman cries out: My husband is a ghost

A Calabar woman who was said to have 3 children cried she never knew she was married to a ghost.

“After 17 years of marriage, it was earlier this year I really believed what people were saying about my husband”.

Mrs Eduak who was married to Eduak Sunday, made it known to us that her husband was a ghost. According to her, when her children were coming of age, they wondered were their father came from. They have approached me on many occasions to know where their father came from but I always give them one excuse or the other”.

On a faithful Saturday, Jude, the last born threatened to kill himself if she never revealed their father’s identity. I was so scared of loosing my children so I called their father who was living far away Lagos. He promised he will come back on Monday and he kept to his promise.

Her Husband Returns.

On his arrival, the children welcomed him and after dinner, they insisted he took them to see their grandparents. He tried every possible ways to distract their requests but they insisted. He had no other option but to fix a date for their traveling to the village.

Traveling to the village

On the D-day, the entire family chattered a bus that will ride them to the village. After several hours on the road, they are now at the street of the village. The man stopped the driver, alighted and asked him to continue. He told his wife the number of compounds to pass before getting to his. He gave the excuse of meeting a friend whom he had long seen and promised to join them in the compound. “This is the first time my husband failed in his promises” the Calabar woman added.When we got to the compound, of course people saw us as strangers. One of the old women in the compound welcomed us and asked whom we were. I introduced myself as Mrs Beatrice Eduak, the wife of Eduak Sunday. The old woman laughed and wondered which Sunday I was talking about. I told her Sunday is my husband and he told us this is home and here are my 3 sons which I have with him.

Breaking of the Ice.

The old woman and everyone else in the compound began to cry as if I have made fresh a dried wound. Myself and my children were lost in deep thoughts as we wondered why they were crying at the same time. One identified as Mrs Roseline, told me that Sunday Eduak died 20 years ago.I couldn’t believe my ears because my husband was still very young. We waited for hours and my husband has still not returned. When people started coming into the compound to sympathize with us, it was then dawn on me that I was married to a ghost.

My children as tender as they were can’t believe the whole story even as I am talking to you. They can’t believe that that will be the last time they will see their father.

We came back to Calabar, packed our properties and relocated to Abuja. We are not seeing reasons to return to Calabar again because it has memories that don’t worth remembering.

She concluded by saying, “I lost my husband and I am not ready to loose my children”.

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