Police careless shooting in Imo state Access Bank

Early today, 20/4/2020, two police officers shot a young motorcyclist in front of Access Bank plc.

Nigerian police

According to an eye witness, the two police officers shot him and ran into the bank for protection.

It was gathered that the police officers claimed they suspected the young man who waiting for whom to snatch his/her money and run away.

This very event took place at Orlu road Amakohia, in Owerri North local government area of Imo state. Opposite diamond bank which is now access bank.

People were ready to descend on the two officers and ready to break down the bank if the officers were not produced. Quickly the bank’s management alarted the state police command and their presence proved some kind of relief.

The angry youths who were already in bitterness because of the death of one of their own couldn’t believe another was taken by careless police officers same day.

They were very determined to deal with the officers even in the presence of the security outfits. Finally, the information came that the young motorcyclist survived the shot and the youths left the scene.

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