My best friend deceived me into doing it – footballer

Best friends are supposed to be helpers of each other. They are supposed to understand each other’s needs/problems and profer possible solutions to them.

When you have a best friend, almost everything you need will be complet. Your best friend will be there to advise and sympathies with you etc. But in the case of Philip April it was a different thing.

Philip, a young England footballer shared his story on how he was deceived by his best friend to dump the woman he was supposed to marry.

He started by saying

Truly I’ve come to realize that you are not to trust no one including your best friend. If your parents can’t be trusted, then your best friend shouldn’t be an exception.

He said the young lady he was supposed to marry commited suicide on the eve of their wedding. Before the incident, his best friend introduced a beautiful young lady to him but he never liked her.

As if that was not enough, on my wedding eve, he took me to a club house as usual and then I was drugged. The young lady I rejected took a canal knowledge of me and my supposed wife saw the pictures.

Because she couldn’t bere the shame, disappointment and heartbreak, she went ahead to take her own life.

When I realized myself, I got home at around 3:00am never knowing what had happened. My best friend had already gone and left me.

The announcement

Not minding the stress, I woke up after my 5am alarm bell rang. Started the preparation of my unfortunate wedding then I received a call from an unknown caller telling me how wicked I was to kill my wife to be. This words got me off balanced. I continued with what I was doing but wasn’t comfortable.

I tried calling the caller but instead she switched off the phone.

Because I was no longer at peace within myself, I hurridly went to my would be wife’s place. Behold what I saw the corpse of the woman I was supposed to marry that same day.

What could be the reason for her sudden death? I was handed the piece of note she wrote before her death. In the note contained all that happened at the club house the previous night.

I finally understood that my best friend deceived me. He was actually having an interest towards my late fiancé, that was why he did what he did to be able to separate us.

Because I can’t bere this pain alone, I want to end it all right now.

At this point, people around began to console him and giving him reasons why that was the least option he could think of.

His best friend in question was later arrested and imprisoned after being found guilty of masterminding a suicide.

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