How to become whom you want to be

To become whom you want to be is a personal decision. You don’t need anyone to make such decision for you.

Becoming great is simple but the ways to becoming great is narrow and demanding. You may have in one way or the other come in contact with people who always think negative about you. What you think about yourself is more important than what people think about you.

Becoming who you want to be

A great philosopher always say “every person is the driver of his own destiny”. Learn to live your life. Whom you are is determined by how you want it.

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Every human is made for a purpose and others should not talk you out from whom you are destined to become.

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who are you?

To become whom you want to be you must first answer the above question.

whom you are is a question you must answer in order to ascertain your goal. The answer you give to yourself is the right answer.

to become whom you want to be you must;

  • know what you worth. People should not treat you like a piece of trash. Learn to stand up for what you believe in. You shouldn’t allow people see you as inferior individual, always make your presence count.

  • Believe in what you believe in. Gone are the days when people try to force others into accepting what they can’t accept willfully. You are made for a purpose, so let it count.

  • Trust in yourself. Having a huge trust in yourself and believing that you will make it gives you a green light in achieving your set goals. Having high hopes on people is a sure way to self-destruction. Trust in your capabilities and victory is assured.

  • Choosing the right friends. A friend can make or destroy you. The kinds of friends you keep also play a great role in helping you become whom you want to be. Be selective while choosing your friends and trust me, you will be good to go.

  • Set out your goals. To become whom you want to be, you must set out your goals or what you aim to achieve in life. Forget about what others did, do yours. Plan yourself and your future for this is important when aiming to be successful in life.

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To become whom you want to be is a personal decision. You don’t need anyone to make such decision for you.

Your sure way to achieving this goal is through the help of God. Call on God to help you because you can’t do it all by yourself.

hope this advise was helpful? Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it. Feel free to leave your questions behind.

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