Reasons why relationships fail

Reasons why relationships fail

A man in a relationship is supposed to realize that he has a special gift, his partner. Failed relationships could be as a result of so many reasons. This reasons can be known or unknown.

Growing a relationship is usually solidified by the love lovers has for eachother. A good relationship is in the interest of both lovers and they must realize that.

People fail or relationships fail because of the following:

  • Premature knowledge of the meaning of friendship. A man or woman who don’t understand what relationship stands for or the purpose of a relationship always stand the chance of failing. Relationship is and should be made for mature minds and not babies.
  • Relationships also fail because of lack of understanding. Understanding matters a lot in a relationship therefore lovers are bound to understand eachother. The man should understand the emotional state of his woman and vise versa. It is paramount this is well understood to enable young lovers find their right partners. If the character of the person you call your lover is not understood, thrust me, such relationships do not live to see the light of a new day.
  • Who is at fault when lovers have a misunderstanding is another reason why relationships fail. In today’s contemporary love environment, no person accepts the blame for any fault whatsoever. No one is ready to accept any blame for the cause of a problem. And since two captains can’t head a boat, relationship failure becomes inevitable.
  • Lack of financial backup. No relationship can exist without finance. Relationship fails because the neccessary finance to solve some arising problems in their relationship.


There are so many reasons why relationships fail. In order to help your relationship, it is important you define what relationship is all about.

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