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Ash Wednesday turns black in Nigeria Catholic church

Ash Wednesday

Black ash Wednesday in the Catholic church.

For very first time in the history of Nigerian Catholic church, the church celebrate Ash Wednesday on black.

Ash Wednesday is a day marked to be the starting day for the season of Lent. Lent is a season in the Catholic church that accommodates the suffering of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. After the season of Lent comes the Season of Easter which marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Bishop of the Owerri Archdiocese Very Rev. Father J.V. Obinna has instructed all priests and parishioners be on black to celebrate this year’s Ash Wednesday. The black was to signify their sorrow and the tragedy people are facing in Nigeria.

No week passes in Nigeria without any sad news. It is either attacks by Fulani herdsmen or Boko Haram. People, pastors, priests etc are killed on weekly if not daily basis and credits to the above mentioned terrorist groups.

Like a lecturer said, “greed is accommodatable while hate isn’t”. You can’t hate somebody and yet you are not comfortable to let him go. The Hausas/Fulanis has great hate for the Igbos but yet, they won’t be allowed their freedom.

It is true they don’t believe in the same thing. Giving Igbos their freedom is the only way to keep Nigeria in peace. Unfortunately, the leaders of the country have paid deaf ears to the cry of the Igbos instead indirectly sponsoring the death of the Igbos.

Oh Lord, it is high time this killings stopped. Bring peace to our people and grant Biafra their freedom. May the last tears because of the these killings be the very last forever. Amen.

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