How to make your woman proud of you

In every relationship, as a man, your wife/girlfriend deserve to be loved and cared for.

Every woman is special and should be treated accordingly. That you proposed to her and she accepted you does not make you the finest. A woman accepts a man for so many reasons best known to them. Some accept a man because of his social disposition while some do it for love.


In every relationship, as a man, your wife/girlfriend deserve to be loved and cared for.

It is a very difficult task to fall in love. For a woman to really fall in love with a man, such a man is special to her. Some may argue this, but it is the pure truth.

To maintain your relationship, it is your duty to ensure your partner is proud of you.

How to make her be proud of you:

  • Show her some Love; women always want or need special form of treatments. Show her some love by buying her some gifts. It is possible that there is no availability of funds to take care of her needs. But it is very very important that once in a while you buy her gifts. This will energies what she feels for you. She will know when you have and when you don’t.
  • Allow her to have access to some of your privacies. This can be cell phones, inner rooms etc. That alone will quench every thought of infidelity or cheat.
  • Make her feel special before your friends. Introduce her to your friends based on the level of your relationship with her. You can call her pet names, introduce Her as your heartbeat, the Apple of your eyes etc. Just make her feel special before your friends.
  • Always have time for her. Advice her where neccessary and make her feel loved and not see you as a beast in the relationship.
  • A woman is proud of her man when he is up and doing. Laziness can ruin your relationship. If you don’t have a job, your relationship can never survive. It is true that true love exist, but you still need finance to get it going. So get up and go find yourself a job. Finding yourself a job will not only benefit your relationship it will also benefit you more.
  • Trust; in every relationship is paramount, utilize it. As we all know no woman can be proud of any man who is not trustworthy. Develop a great trust in your relationship and stand the chance of getting married to the best partner in the world. Your woman will hold you in high esteem knowing what you are capable of doing and what you can’t do

Quick Summary

Every good and successful relationship is built on trust and love. As a man, if your woman is proud of you, then it means you are playing your card well. But when reverse becomes the case, you need to check yourself.

Below is a quick summary of our discussion…

How to make your woman proud of you:

  1. show her some love.
  2. Access to some of your privacies.
  3. Make her feel special.
  4. Create time for her.
  5. Get a job and avoid laziness.
  6. Finally, trust.

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