Girl faces inhumane treatment in Imo (video)

Her boss from an undisclosed reasons, use hot red knife on her body.
People around got attracted to the child’s sorrow and decided to descend on the man.

A little Imo State girl name was not known faced an inhumane treatment by her master. She is just 5-6 years of age.

The girl was perceived to be the housemaid of the man whose picture is seen in the video below.

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Her boss from eyewitnesses, used red hot knife on her body. She packed her stuffs and got ready to leave the man’s housemaid.

Passersby got attracted to the scene. They dealt with him to the extent he begged for forgiveness.

In other to avoid doubling the offence already committed, he was handed to the police. What is currently going on now in the police station have not being revealed.

Meanwhile, the little girl have being taken to the nearest hospital for medication and treatment. While her parents are yet to arrive and properly take care of their child.

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