Why I murdered my boyfriend in cold blood (story)

Hi there, Welcome to another beautiful week. Today I shall be telling you a true life story of a beautiful young lady who murdered her boyfriend in cold blood.

What could be her reason(s)? Keep on reading to find out.

Before you continue, have you read “The story of the dark kingdom (episode 1) and Stella the crippled Queen of England? If no you are missing a lot.

Back to this week’s story, Angelina was a very beautiful girl born into the home of a very poor family. She was hardworking and her topic was always discussed in town as the most beautiful, talented and hardworking girl in town but one thing about her is that she hates her opposite sex (men)

Angelina went through education to become a great woman but didn’t make it to the university because there was no money to further her education.

On a Wednesday afternoon, a man with a very beautiful car stopped her by the way side, after their introduction to eachother, and brief discussion, he drove her home. They became friends and from friends, they became lovers which ended up in marriage.

Angelina hates men so very much, but why did she fall in love even to the extent of getting married? Continue reading to find out.

She never liked any man, her reasons was that all men are the same. They cheat, lie, and do all manner of evil things against their wives. She decided to marry the rich man in order to elevate her family from poverty through his wealth.

Just as she prayed, her husband built a new home for her parents, opened a very big shop for them where they can sell products and also earn a living. But all these never changed Angelina’s feelings against men.

To fulfill the promise her husband made to her, he sent her to one of the best universities in the area to finish her education.

Things never worked out well for them in that marriage. Sometimes she will threaten of divorce but her husband, considering his level of love for her, will never oblige to any divorce discussion.

They continued this way for two years.

One faithful day, her husband’s friends came to visit them in their home and Angelina was to prepare dinner for all who visited.

They all gathered at the dinning table as the food was served. After prayer before meal led by her husband, they all took a spoonful of rice into their mouth as if they were asked to do it at the sound of a whistle. “Pua!….pua!!…. (They spatted out the food in their mouth immediately in unison).

What could be the problem? Continue reading…..

The prepared rice was very salty, it tasted as if a 50kg bag of salt was poured into a two cups of rice. As the arguments began, her husband quickly called their attention,

My friends am really sorry for all that has happened, you know I love eating salty foods and my wife forgot I was not eating the food alone. Am very very sorry.

Angelina also knelt down and begged pretending to be sorry also. This brought to an end the arguments. A new food was prepared for dinner and everybody ate and went to bed.

The next day they all retired to their various homes. This incident nearly made Angelina’s husband loose it on her but he never did instead, respected himself and went to work.

Hope you are enjoying the story? Let’s continue….


Angelina was seen in her school’s garden discussing with some friends while Mike her course-mate came to sit with her.

At first, she never appreciated his appearance but cooled when Mike began to tease her with words.

Mike was a very funny guy, handsome, gentle looking and from a very poor family background.

On their next meeting, Angelina fell truly in love with Mike, something she has never done all her life.

The kind of love she was supposed to shower on her husband was poured on Mike. She lavished money on Mike, bought him houses, cloths, cars, etc.

Now you will be wondering what the story is turning into….. Don’t worry, let’s finish the story first…….

Angelina invested all her life earnings on Mike even nearly bank rupting her husband’s company.

Not believing the rumour, the husband followed her without her notice. The things he saw, made him confirm the rumours were actually true..

With a broken heart, he came back home, dropped a letter and went upstairs. When Angelina came back, she saw the letter on the sitting room, opened it and it read

My heart, I call you my heart because truly you are my heart. I waited for years to make you believe how much I love you even to the extent of selling my company but you chose to pay me back in this way……. Goodbye my heart…

Your ex-husband.

Not understanding the content of the letter, she hurridly went upstairs only to find her husband dead!

Yes, he committed suicide after he went upstairs…

She quickly ran out of the house to her boyfriend’s house who never expected her to come back at that hour of the night.

Behold, she caught him red-handed sleeping with another girl.
Not believing her eyes, she quickly reached for a knife and stabbed her boyfriend, the other young lady managed to escape and Angelina equally stabbed herself to death.

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