How talent, Time and Treasure play significant role in movie acting

Movie acting is a very interesting experience many needs to have. But to be truthful, it is never easy as many may think. You may be seeing too many movies out there and you conclude it’s just done in a day, well sorry to inform you, film making right from pre-production, production and post production has never being easy.
A  lot of people get involved into film acting but not many succeed in the industry. You really need to work hard.
Some of my students always ask me what it takes to be an actor and I simply tell them, to be an actor, you must be talented in wearing people’s behaviour. yes! As weird as that’s sounds, to succeed as an actor, you must learn to mimic characters that are alien to you.
You may see in some movies, people whom you may know in reality doesn’t smoke but you see him/her smoking in a film he/she is featured in. Smoking is not part of their habits but because they are acting (mimicking a smoker), they end up smoking in the film, and after the shooting, they go back to whom they were (their normal selves).
Talents really has a great role to play in the life of an actor. If an actor is not talented in acting films, it will be difficult for him/her to better deliver the lines in the script and give the actual expression that is required for every situation.
Every good actor must master his role in the movie. This will enable him deliver the needed actions in the film.

Becoming a great actor actually pays but a lot of sacrifices must be put in place. They include the 3 “Ts” (Talent, Time and Treasure).
He who is ready to sacrifice these three things surely has a paved way in the industry.
  • Talent:  talent is a very big plus to the creation of the world. Talent has to do with that gift given to man by God. Becoming a great actor, it is paramount this gift is properly utilised. Showcased  Talent enables a young actor to succeed in the industry, so it is greatly advised to put it into play in other to standout among others. Talents helps to differentiate an actor from other actors.
  • Time: is yet another must considered factor is you must succeed in the entertainment industry. Give it tour time, be punctual to movie shooting grounds and this will help in paving your way to stardom.
  • Treasure: finally, the last “T” which is treasure. It is believed that nothing good comes easy, so for you to be successful in the industry, you must learn to sacrifice your treasure (finance). Sometimes you maybe invited to get featured in a movie for free. As a newbie, it is encouraged you get involved into free movies as much as possible without minding whether you will be paid or not. It will help to shappen your knowledge about movie, acting and everything involved in movie productions. Don’t focus your attention on the financial rewards just yet, first of all concentrate on the things you will learn and get improved with them. Then as time goes on when you end up becoming that great movie star of your dreams, no body can hire you without asking first how much you worth.
And finally watch videos/movies to improve your acting skills…

Check out this comic video (though not teaching about movie acting, but it advised you concentrate on actions and expressions).

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